Getting ready for the B-school

If you are going through this post, I hope you have made it to your desired B-school. In this post, we will be going through things that an aspirant needs to do before they start their MBA journey.

Getting ready for the B-school

There are a few things that need to be done before joining any MBA program. 
Here is the list-

  • Develop your soft skill- Apart from all the technical skills, one of the most important parameters that can help you stand out is your presentation skills. It can be an incredibly slow development because it requires a change of habit and personality, but it is worth the time. Expand your horizon by learning new things, maintain your confidence while speaking, keep a check on your body language, etc.

  • Short-Term Course/Certification- Depending on your specialization, do a course or certification. A recognized course or certification will help you. There are many short-term courses/certifications available, some paid and some free. Internshala, Udemy, Coursera, Google academy to name a few online educational services where one can get a good valuable course or recognized certification.

  • Build Your Resume(CV)- Usually, a CV is made after 2-3 attempts. First draft a rough resume capturing all the possible information. Then followed by some filtration. You need to identify which information will help you and which can be omitted without much of a loss. The number of iteration depends on your first draft. Ideally, a person with limited work experience or none, it should not exceed 2 pages of your CV. Trust me, you will not have the luxury of time once you start your college – swamped under a pile of assignments, case studies, tests, and much more, and before you could realize, companies will be recruiting for summers and you might end up losing some good internship opportunities.

  • Build a network- Building a good network with your current seniors is a must and can be done through any platform like LinkedIn or social forums. They can help you with prerequisite courses or certifications that you can do before joining which might prove beneficial. You can get a closer look at colleges through them which can help you make an informed decision if stuck between few options.

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