For the Dbms 5th sem project, we will build an Interactive application for managing data and rankings which helps in maintain the records of the players and teams, the player and team details and also reduces the work of searching the batsmen, bowlers and all-rounders. 

Problem Statement  

The people of the world are so busy in their activities. They don t have sufficient time to watch cricket on television or any other devices .They just want to know the record of each and every player who has played for the respective country and rating and ranking of each player and country.

Proposed Solution  

To overcome the problem being faced by the current system a new system is proposed. The proposed system would be designed to help make the time utilization of the people carried out in various activities and much easier by providing the statistics of players in the world, monitoring player details in the world. Compared to the current manual system, the implementation of cricket record management system will reduce the time spent by the people in front of the television and other devices, they can easily know the record of the player and team and player rankings with the ratings.

To begin with the project you must have installed Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio

If you have not installed yet,just click on the link below and learn how to begin with Visual Studio

Project Credit: Mayank Rawat and Mahesh Ms

 Now here are the few screens of the project

Login page of the project

Updation page for Admin

The project consists of more than  15 screens. 

The main aim of this application is to apply technology which is supporting the users to know the records and ranking of each player and also team ranking. The project has been developed on the basis of “Record management” and “player details” who has played for the particular country and available information in the database. The main aim of this project is to reduce the time consumption and reduce the work load of the work which is being written manually in the current existing system. Keeping record of player and country details and any other details in paper can be lost due to unexpected situation, so using a computer based application records and keeps a track and also reduces the work making the more efficient.

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