Daily Motivation:Positivity v/s Negativity

A man with desires

how negativity destroys you

Once upon a time, there lived a merchant named Mahesh. He become a completely wealthy man. He made splendid wealth with the aid of working tough. He had the entirety in his residence.

One day, Mahesh started a journey. When he was going via the forest, he felt very worn-out and desired to have a ruin. He observed a tree and sat under it.

While resting, Mahesh felt thirsty and needed a pitcher of water, “If I had a pitcher of water, I may want to drink and quench my thirst.”. At that moment, a miracle took place. A glass of water appeared earlier than him. Mahesh become surprised. He drank the water.

After a while, Mahesh felt hungry and needed a plate of meals, “If I had a plate of delicious food, I should consume to full delight.” Then again there has been a miracle. A plate of delicious food seemed before him. He ate to his complete delight.

After eating foods, Mahesh felt drowsy and desired to sleep. He wished a gentle mattress, “How can I sleep at the tough ground? If there has been a tender velvet bed…”. As soon as he concept this, a smooth velvet mattress appeared before him.

He lied on the mattress and fell asleep straight away. He became feeling as if he was in heaven as his wishes came authentic immediately. However, he wasn’t aware about drowsing below a tree that could fulfil wishes. This tree was idea to have the electricity to fulfil desires. It became Kalpavriksha.

Mahesh felt asleep on the smooth velvet mattress. After he awakened, he notion, “I am lonely in the center of the wild woodland in which tigers, lions or wolf stay. If one among them attacks me, I won't be capable of defend myself.”

Soon after he idea this, a wild tiger seemed there and attacked Mahesh. Mahesh couldn’t even pass because of the worry. Thus, as he notion negatively, he got killed.

It is believed that concept leads a person. The negative concept causes negative things. Positive thought ends in effective things. It constantly results in happiness. Therefore, we need to constantly be fine.

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