Daily Motivation: Don't Judge

The Old kid?

"A 23 year old kid seeing out from the train's window yelled… 

'Father, look the trees are going behind!' 

Father grinned and a youthful couple sitting close by, took a gander at the 23 year old's Kid's conduct with feel sorry for, out of nowhere he again shouted… 

'Father, look the mists are running with us!' 

The couple couldn't avoid and said to the elderly person… 

'Why not take your child to a decent specialist?' 

The elderly person grinned and said… 'I did and we are simply coming from the medical clinic, my child was visually impaired from birth, he just got his eyes today.' 

Everyone on the planet has a story. Try not to pass judgment on individuals before you really know them. Reality may amaze you."
Don't judge by looks

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