How do I make $10000 per month?

Now with this foundation set, we have to consider the vehicle that we will use to get to our destination. In this case, the internet is what we hope to use. The internet is all about information. Although there are many businesses that deal in tangible products with strong web presence (like eBay), nothing flies of the shelf faster than information. You would hear many internet marketers say "Content is king'. Yes cash is king as you might be considering right now, but I agree with them more. Content provides information, the internet is all about information, which will always be in demand. Now if my memory of economics serves me well, demand triggers supply and supply is valued at a price. Therefore, content is king period.
Please note at this point that we are not speaking about Wikipedia information or Google information which is readily provided for free. In any case, although their front-end may be free, their back-end isn't. Otherwise they would not be declaring those staggering figures in their financial statement every end of year. The information I refer to here, is the one that teaches a skill, solves a specific problem, or gives a higher intrinsic value than any other source obtained within the same context. You will have to do some research, learn the ropes of your chosen field, and any combination of techniques that guaranty results.
I think that at this point, you will agree me. At the same time, you may be wondering where to start and how you will set things rolling. The more important question is;
1. How can you start something that will not take more than 1-3 hours of your day, but you can run consistently and it is easily scalable?
2. What can I find to start with pretty cheaply?

WELL HERE IS THE LIST TO EARN MONEY ONLINE 2020Everyone wants to earn money right? These are the top ways to earn  money while staying at home

1) Buy something at a low price and sell it at a high price. Common way, buy at Alibaba, then sell it at a higher price on another website (like Amazon)

2) Open a food and beverage stall. It helps that you can pay your suppliers 30 - 60 days later for supplies, but your customers pay you cash upfront. That gives you a lot of float (something that Buffet looks for too) and room for high cash flow

3) Sales. Lots of sales jobs pay very well. Insurance, real estate, banking, drugs (sorry, i'm not endorsing drugs but just making a point), cars (like Joe Gerrad)

4) Jobs or businesses that allow you to earn positive cash flow everyday. Example, as an adjunct teacher, i'm able to earn $300 every single day, which works out to be $109,500 per year). If you want to earn $10,000 per month, then find jobs or businesses that pays you $400 per day)

5) Online businesses, agency businesses, franchises

6) Be a hitman and be good enough to earn that and still not be caught (I say it in jest, but who knows)

7) Be a model and then be known to say some thing like, "if this modelling gig doesn't pay me at least $10000, i'm not getting out of bed for it" (yes, a model said that before)

8) Be smart at something like fake cheques (watch Catch Me If You Can), go to jail and be paid millions by banks to help catch others who send in fake cheques

9) Start an private equity company that sells shaddy stocks, rip off everyone, go to jail, then earn $10 million every day talking about it onstage as a motivational speaker (watch Wolf Of Wall Street... by the way, did you just realise that the actor in point 8 and point 9 are the same actor?!?)

that's about all I can think off for now, but who knows... you may do something so incredible, they may make a movie about you in future too.

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