Reality over Fantasy-Lost War

Sameer, a decent, lean boy, and his area partner Kishore were troubled. They were at war. War with thyself. Like all different boys in hostel, they were ramming their brains, reading notes, any material they may get.

It was their initial expertise in their life. “Engineering isn't easy”, a motto by his elder brother came up in his mind. however the desire power unbroken him through. The bustle of the hostel had suppressedonce more to broken at dawning. He was rummaging limits of physical body. “To push high higher than limits is engineering”, he thought.
He had tried and true half the chapter, once his phone rang. the amount was unidentified. He thought that it might be some boy vocation and requesting notes. He picked up the decision. The time was  past 2, initially he didn’t hear somethingtherefore he went out, close to the balcony to urge a stronger signal.

He saw a lady down. She looked desperate. His attention was drawn at her. He disconnected the decision and commenced glancing her. Suddenly, she began to sprint with scream. Sameer became confused. He was near to flip back once he saw 3 men running. His mind went grave. His over-stressed brain gave warning signals and epinephrin tense in his body. He thought of vocation police, however thought of chasing them initial.

He raced down the stepsin haste glancing at the checkpost, he jumped higher than the wall of his hostel. He ran within the direction of last observancein haste confiscating his phone, he messaged associate past love regarding his current scenario. He raced past a slim lane. coming back to halt, he thought of going into that lane. initially he felt afraid. The lane looked spiritual at this hour. His brain generated phantoms. wishing on God, he went ahead.

To his horror, he saw 3 men close that woman. “What can happen to her!”. He felt overwhelmed. Suddenly, one in all the 3 saw his silhouette.The person signalled his colleague regarding his presence. 2 of them pounced on him.

“So you're here to save lots of her”.
“Want to be a hero?”, same the opposite man.

He was awe smitten. Nothing came out of his mouth as he tried to talk. The taller of the 2 gave him a good clap on his cheeks. the opposite kicked him in his abdomen. He was amid a volley of kicks, on back, on groin. They started beating him unmercifully. Samr, lying on the dirty road glanced at the afraid state of the woman. He closed his eyes as he crooked in pain.
The moment I realise I slept for 10 hours instead of 10minutes

Suddenly, came a splash of water on his face. in haste gap his eyes, he felt teleported. the intense lightweight hurt his eyes, constant white bright lightweight. Same? He thought. Slowly he detected a well-known voice vocation him, making an attempt to wake him up. A voice like his area mate.

Coming to his full senses, he realised that the brain had once more tricked him. The war was lost. He was asleep for four hours according to his mate.A smile stuck on his face, a smile of a virtual journey before the test.


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