Demand By Degree Students-Promote us VTU

Due to the lockdown, the classes for students have been held online. However, many students stated they're not able to apprehend the net training,classes which they defined as unhelpful. They argued that they could be not able to seem for the examination.

We want VTU to promote us to next semester with any examination

According to the VTU calendar of activities, the instructional year is scheduled to quit on June 1 and semester-quit examinations are slated for June and the effects for July.

One final-12 months student stated they have been going through several issues due to network issues. “Some college students from faraway regions who've went to their hometowns aren't able to attend classes due to poor Internet connectivity,” the students stated, creating a case for inner assessment marks to be considered to grade students.
 Recently a VTU servey has been conducted on promoting degree students in Karnataka and the result was quite shocking and was one sided.
The VTU servey was being conducted by take it smart.Again the question comes to our mind "Will VTU promote us to next semester"?
We want VTU to promote us to next semester with any examination

A professor of an engineering university in Bengaluru admitted that although students were trying to adapt to the brand new coaching approach, it became tough to provide an explanation for many standards clearly.

Karisiddappa, VTU Vice-Chancellor, stated the decision rests with the State authorities. “It is a trouble that isn't always extraordinary to our college on my own. The State authorities and the UGC need to take a decision for all universities,” he stated.

He delivered that he become aware of the issues confronted with the aid of students and pointed out that on a median, handiest 70% were able to attend online classes. “We have usually maintained that online mastering isn't enough and wishes to be followed up with lecture room periods once schools reopen,” he said, adding that all grievances might be addressed.But as per my personal opinion VTU should promotes us.

Many others like Bangalore University are mulling over the opportunity of on-line examinations.
I would not pass as some distance as saying that no University is worse than VTU, however VTU is without a doubt most of the most pathetic universities in India. Here are my motives:

Outdated path content.
Memory based' exam system, where your grades are greater consultant of your reminiscence power, rather than competencies.
(Mostly) incompetent school.
Pushing subjects from each godforsaken engineering branch down college students’ throats, inside the first and 2d (to a certain volume) years.
An totally ridiculous way of calculating the overall percentage, where the ‘first strive’ ratings are taken into consideration. This is bizarre.
Around eighty% of the route content material is idea, and there's hardly any emphasis on realistic gaining knowledge of.

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