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In my previous post, I have written about specializations offered by most B-school. This post is regarding B-school which gives aspirants a chance to specialize in a niche course. Niche MBA degrees, while providing all the basics of a typical management course, concentrate on a specific industry of the present business market. MBA programs in niche colareas offer ample support, resources, and dedicated faculty, allowing aspirants to quickly move up their organization. It provides them a chance to form a career out of the topic they're interested in.

Know your b-school list of colleges

List of few top colleges that are giving specialized courses-
  • Business Analytics ( PGDBA by IIT Kgp/ISI Kolkata/IIM C)-  This course has seen a huge jump in terms of popularity amongst aspirants. It has been an area of key importance in most of the industries. With a multitude of data floating in all told verticals of a business, like marketing, sales, finance, social media, etc., it is now essential to analyze and understand the data to make better business decisions. This course mentioned is combinedly given out by three colleges and an aspirant spends a certain semester at each of the colleges. Students aspiring to join this has to give a separate exam of PGDBA.
  • Rural Management ( IRMA )- It is a well-known fact that India is an agrarian economy. As time has changed, now even rural-based sectors are being influenced by corporate trends. With a gradual rise in rural enterprises, there's a growing consciousness for quality both at product-end and consumer-end. As a result, the demand for qualified rural management professionals has gone up. Aspirants who wish to make a career in this sector have IRMA as their first choice and to make it to this college, one has to give IRMASAT in addition to CAT or XAT. As per the latest trend, IRMA has a cut-off of 85 percentile for CAT/XAT.
  • Strategic Marketing and Communication (MICA)-  Strategic Marketing is the way a business successfully differentiates itself from its rivals by capitalizing on its strengths (both present and potential) in order to provide consumers with consistently greater value than its rivals. This program offered by MICA is uniquely positioned to leverage core competencies in this domain, while also allowing students to further specialize in courses related to marketing. MICA is regarded as one of the topmost B-schools in the country for its Marketing and Advertising program. Aspirants who wish to join this college have to give MICAT in addition to CAT/XAT.
  • International Business (IIFT)- Today, every business is expanding itself in the International market. The IB course focuses on the understanding of the behavior and planning of international operations.In the International Business curriculum, students are taught about the;  distribution market, methodology associated with the export/import, different methods of approaching customers in foreign countries, currency conversation & fluctuation, etc. Aspirants who wish to join IIFT for MBA-IB have to appear for a separate exam conducted by IIFT.

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