We can make any uselful hacks from anything anytime anywhere.It depends upon us how we develop ideas,how creative we can be.Life hacks are supposed to give us cheap, elegant and smart ways of dealing with everyday problems. As these little tricks have become popular among millions of people all over the world, it comes as no surprise that the internet is now literally flooded with all kinds of hacks. Unfortunately, not every clever solution that has made it among the viral life hack elite really works. Some hacks are actually more trouble than they are worth. Spread by people who – obviously – have never tried them, these tips and tricks will not save you time, money, or energy. In fact, they might do the very opposite. To show you some of the worst of these that you should definitely avoid, we compiled this list with hacks that are actually far from helpful. From debunked kitchen hacks to ineffective cleaning hacks, make sure not to try any of these Life Hacks That Actually Don’t Help Make Your Life Better.

Storing batteries in fridge

batteries tips and tricks

We all have heard about this hack that is supposed to extend the life of your batteries, but in fact, cold temperature can do the opposite; it might shorten their life. Moreover, condensation can also lead to corrosion and seal damage.
Toiler paper roll cell phone speaker

Toiler paper roll
This life hack works quite well if you use a large ceramic mug as an amplifier but an empty toilet paper roll? Nope, this is not going to do anything to the sound produced by your cell phone or any other smart device.

Nail and hammer wine opener

Nails and hammer

Have a bottle of wine but no corkscrew? The internet says you can remove the cork with a nail and hammer. If you really tried this hack, you would know that the hammer only pulls the nail out of the cork while the cork itself still stays in the bottle.

Cherry tomato slicing hack

Cherry tomato

One of the most popular internet life hacks has it that if you put a bunch of cherry tomatoes between two Tupperware lids and push down on them firmly, you can cut them with one slice. The truth is, even if you use a super sharp knife, you will end up with tomato mess all over the place.

Tennis ball unlocking locked car door

Tennis ball

This life hack was actually debunked by the Mythbusters themselves in one of their videos. There is simply no way the pressured air squeezed out of a tennis ball could move the pins and unlock the car door.

Keeping reheated pizza´s crust crispy


You might have heard that pizza crust can be crispy after being reheated in a microwave when a glass of water is added to the microwave. Unfortunately, your pizza will be as soggy as its gets whether you add the water or not.

Making grilled cheese in toaster

toasterSource:, image:
Turning a toaster on its side and putting slices of bread inside with cheese on them might look like a brilliant hack but there is a significant risk of the cheese completely messing the inside of the toaster and the bread popping out unexpectedly.

Cutting banana with a wire tray

bananaSource:, image:
If you need to cut a banana and there is no knife around, you can, allegedly, use a wire tray to do the job. Well, if the banana is unripe, there is a slight chance this hack can work, but if the banana is ripe and soft, you are doomed to end up with banana mash all over the place.

Wooden spoon kitchen hack

boiling potSource:, image:
Preventing a pot from boiling over by putting a wooden spoon across the pot is one of the most popular kitchen hacks, but does it really work? Well, it might do the trick if the pot is just simmering, but it definitely will not stop a rapid boil.

Cleaning toilet bowl with coke

cokeSource:, image:
There are hundreds of great cleaning hacks, but unfortunately, cleaning a toilet bowl with coke is not one of them. The drink is just not formulated to clean a variety of stains and dirt, and it certainly will not kill the bacteria.

Applying toothpaste on pimple

toothpasteSource:, image:
Most toothpastes contain menthol, which can dry the skin out and irritate it. Therefore, applying toothpaste on a pimple does not help. However, it might actually soothe minor burns.

Ketchup bottle as pancake batter dispenser

KetchupSource:, image:
Technically, this hack works, but it definitely will not make your life easier as getting the batter in the bottle is a very messy process, and there is a good chance that the batter might vaguely taste of the ketchup.

Using salt to keep colors from running

saltSource:, image:
Salt is often used as a mordant to set dyes during the initial dyeing process. However, once a garment reaches your closet it is too late to “set the dye.” The dye must be set early and correctly at the proper stage of textile development to prevent color bleeding. Therefore, adding salt to your laundry does…nothing.

Golden egg hack


The kitchen legend has it that shaking raw eggs intensely for about two minutes before boiling will make the eggs golden. The yolks might get some bizarre shapes but they will be still clearly separated from the rest of the eggs, so no golden eggs, sorry.

Cutting cheese with dental floss

dental flossSource:
This hack actually works quite well, but the problem is you can easily ruin the subtle flavor of your expensive cheese with the minty flavor of the floss. So if you need to use this hack, make sure you use unscented floss.

Plastic bottle flip-flops

Plastic bottle flip-flops

The DIY flip-flops made from plastic bottles might look like one of the coolest hacks ever, but unfortunately, they are practically unwearable. The labels that are supposed to hold your feet in the “shoes” will snap after a few minutes, and we don’t even need to talk about comfort.

Using teabags as hand warmers

Yes, even this hack can be found on the internet. Not only does the smell of over-brewed tea and threat of skin staining outweigh the benefits of warm hands, but the possibility that someone may catch you holding this in your palm is just too embarrassing.

Using sunglasses as cell phone stand


Using sunglasses as a holder for your cell phone looks like a smart idea, but unfortunately, this hack only works on grippy surfaces. If you try this on a regular wooden desk, the sunglasses just will not hold the phone.

Easy-release garbage bag

garbage bag

To avoid the suction grip of a full bag, one of the popular internet hacks suggests drilling holes in the bottom of the trashcan. The hack works fine but it also lets the nasty garbage smells emanate from the can, and you can also get the repulsive garbage water seepage.

Egg carton hack

Egg cartoon

Using an empty egg carton tray as a stand for your overheated laptop might be a cheap way to cool it down but a quick way to start a fire.

Using lotion bottle to safely store valuables

lotion bottle

There is no doubts an empty lotion bottle makes a great and cunning place to hide your valuables at the beach but it is completely useless if they steal the whole bag.

Dropping pennies in a vase with flowers


The copper in pennies works as an acidifier, which helps prevent fungus or bacteria from growing, thus keeping your flower water fresh; however, this hack only works with pennies minted before 1982 as newer pennies contain significantly less amount of copper.

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